Our vision is to use the nanoscale tools emerging from four science themes:

                           Illuminate  /  Recognise  /  Measure  /  Discover

to solve three biologically driven concept challenges:

                      The spark of life  /  Origins of sensation  /  Inside blood vessels

These all possess an absolute requirement for single cell scale measurement which is beyond the capacity of current technologies.



  • Lead international research in nanobiophotonics
  • Empower an integrated ecosystem of leading researchers
  • Pioneer approaches to interdisciplinary research training
  • Inspire next generation to aspire to careers in science
  • Engage with leading international centres
  • Seed industries by creating disruptive technologies

Science Aims

  • Reach the limits of light-based measurement within complex and dynamic biological environments
  • Link physics at multiple scales creating a bridge between nanoscale events and our macroscopic world
  • Create smart, tailored interfaces between nanoscale systems and the biochemical environment
  • Establish new forms of measurement assays and deploy them to address identified challenges to unveil molecular-level insights


To  find out more about who we are and out vision please take a look at our CNBP_Brochure